The "DITA Campaign"

Highlighting the incredible stories of our R22 Vets

Meet R22 ambassadors Justin Melnick and Dita
Born and raised in New York City, Justin Melnick has traveled an interesting road. 

Originally a photographer, by trade, Melnick’s passion for documenting war torn regions and their third world battlefields had him exhibiting his war photography in several solo gallery shows. After leaving the comforts of Manhattan, Justin journeyed to the heartland and joined a local police department in Indiana.

It was there, during his time as a peace officer, where he adopted a puppy named Dita and became her full-time K-9 handler. Now grown up, Dita and Justin can currently be seen on CBS’s Seal Team where he plays Brock Reynolds and Dita plays Cerberus. Melnick divides his time between Los Angeles and Indiana. 

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The "Dita Campaign's" March Featured Veteran

Brandon Rumbaugh is no stranger to challenge and adversity. After stepping on an IED in Afghanistan in 2012, he lost both of his legs and underwent months of rehab and treatments. But Brandon took that challenge head-on and turned it into self-motivation.

Now, Brandon shares his story of challenge and obstacles to create motivation in others, inspiring those he meets with his optimism and passion to help others.

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